$500 Reward Flyer (Arabic)

Patch reward (arabic)

patch reward (english)

If you would like to help with the search and rescue effort of Patch, please print out an Arabic version of the flyer and pass it out at the Cairo International Airport. If you are picking someone up, eating at one of the restaurants at the airport or are willing to post it on your blog or at your office, any and all help is greatly appreciated. Patch is still alive and with collective coordination, he can be found and safely returned to California. Just one flyer can make a difference..

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Hello world!

On December 18, 2010, I checked my cat, Patch, in as checked baggage with Delta Airlines at the Cairo International Airport, Terminal 1, at approximately 9:00pm. I paid for Patch’s ticket ($200USD) and was told they would need to x-ray his cage. This was a very secure and new cage, a medium sized dog carrier. I made sure his cage was secured, petted him goodbye and made my way through passport control and another security area inside Terminal 1 of the Cairo International Airport. Within about 30-40 minutes, I was pulled out of line and told that my cat had broken down the front door of the carrier (metal door) and was running free in the airport. I was hysterically crying and demanded to see the carrier. All Delta employees refused to let me see the carrier and shoved the $200USD in my hand!  I didn’t care about the money. I just wanted to my precious cat to be found. Delta employees said they would look for him…not that they are looking for him, but that they “would” look for him. I demanded to speak to a supervisor and Delta Airlines manager, Mona Morgan (mona.f.morgan@delta.com, 011 20 183 201 016- Cairo mobile number) came to speak with me. At this point, I couldn’t stop crying and all she said she could do was put out tuna for the cat and try to catch him. I was told that I couldn’t change my ticket because there were not open seats on other flights and if I stayed behind, I may not get a seat and would have to buy another ticket. I couldn’t afford this and felt I was forced to leave my lost cat behind. This broke my heart because I lived in Egypt for 3 years and I know how the majority of Egyptians feel about or treat animals. The police shoot dogs on the open street, half-dead horses are left on the sides of roads and kittens are drowned in the Nile River. I have witnessed all of these and thought my best measure was to get to the United States to coordinate a search and rescue effort for Patch. I knew Cairo Delta didn’t care about my cat and nothing would ever be done for Patch until I reached New York (JFK) or Los Angeles (LAX).

I reached New York (JFK) and contacted Delta officials at once. Pamela Bissoondial of Delta (pamela.bissoondial@delta.com) said she would contact Delta Cairo to help coordinate the search for Patch, but only after providing her with Mona Morgan’s mobile number did she contact her. All she had to say to me was that Patch wasn’t found. I know he is lost, Delta! Thanks for the stellar update! What are you doing to find him? The answer is nothing!!! Pamela Bissoondial did nothing of significance to help me and wouldn’t even contact Delta Los Angeles to alert them of my arrival and significant problem. Delta failed me and Patch on every level.

As I sat in JFK, waiting for my next flight in one hour, I started contacting animal shelters in Cairo and begging them for help. I gave them Mona Morgan’s mobile number and tried everything I could to help coordinate Patch’s safe return. At the same time, three of my friends in Cairo had been calling Mona Morgan and all she had to say was that she hadn’t found Patch. Delta Cairo and Delta New York were not concerned with Patch’s life and just shuffled me off to the next person.

I finally reach Los Angeles and made my way to the baggage claim office. While I still doubted Delta would help me find Patch (why would they care…he’s gone), I had to do everything I could to help my precious cat. Oscar Chavarria (oscar.chavarria@delta.com, 310-417-7276) who said he was a supervisor and said he had deep sympathy for my case. He later said he was Delta trained him for sympathy which made me believe this was all fake. You cannot make things up like this! Thanks Delta! So, Oscar Chavarria started to take a report and said he was sending the report to his supervisors. He didn’t want pictures of my cat (which I had with me) and he repeated asked me if Delta Cairo had given me back the $200USD for Patch’s flight. He couldn’t even get my correct email address in the report and I finally asked to look at the report before it was sent to check for accuracy. It was during this time that I learned Delta Cairo had not followed animal passengers protocol. Delta Cairo was supposed to put plastic ties on the front of the cage to prevent accidental opening of the cage, they didn’t take additional food from me for Patch (even though I had it in a ziploc bag, and they didn’t provide me with stickers for the cage which would say “Live Animals” or arrows pointing up. Of course, I love Patch, so I had a marker and wrote all over the cage. Oscar Chavarria knows that Delta Cairo is not following necessary animal transportation and later, rescue protocols. All of this while crocodile tears are streaming down my face. I am heartbroken for Patch and I’m having to battle unprofessional, dazed Delta employees! So, I ask to speak to another supervisor for more detailed answers about Patch and his rescue. Georgianna Murphy (georgianna.murphy@delta.com, 310-590-6415) met with me and said she was “soooo sorry” and that she would help me. I later realized she lied to my face without even a blink and the same goes for Oscar Chavarria. I told both of them that I wanted to offer a $500USD reward for the safe return of Patch to the employees at the Cairo airport and both Delta Los Angeles employees said they would pass on the flyer I would email them the next day.

Both Georgianna Murphy and Oscar Chavarria promised to contact Mona Morgan (Cairo Delta) and coordinate a rescue effort for Patch. As of December 23, 2010 (5 days later), they have done nothing. Absolutely nothing. Not only did Oscar Chavarria give me a bogus Delta number that is never answered(he said this was his mobile number, 310-417-7274…call it. Nobody will ever answer), but he never filed the report to Delta headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. A few days before December 18, 2010, Southern California has had massive rain storms which have lasted until December 23, 2010. I was unable to drive to Los Angeles International Airport to speak, again, with Delta officials due to road and freeway closures. However, after landing in Los Angeles, I created an Arabic and English reward flyer for the search and rescue effort of Patch at the Cairo International Airport. I posted the Delta/Patch tragedy to “Cairo Scholars” listserv which reaches nearly 4,000 Cairo residents and begged for them to distribute the flyers to anyone they knew worked at the airports. Cairo may be a big city, but it is very tight knit and information travels fast between Egyptians and expats. I received numerous leads regarding who to contact in Egypt for help since Delta airlines in Cairo and Los Angeles refused to help me or Patch and actually twarted any attempt to rescue Patch. Mona Morgan of Delta Cairo has lied about her employees searching for the cat, has not distributed his photo or the $500 reward and is not cooperating with the Delta Los Angeles employees at all. It’s as if she is covering up what happened to Patch.

To make matters worse, Delta Los Angeles refuses to file an official report with Delta headquarters in Los Angeles. When I traveled to LAX today, they flat-out admitted that they had not done a thing to help my case and Oscar Chavarria admitted to not reading any of my emails to him. I sent him the reward flyers in Arabic and English. He promised me on December 19, 2010 to forward them to Mona Morgan in Cairo, Egypt. He never read my emails. Georgianna Murphy said she would contact me via telephone or email within 48 hours of December 19, 2010. She never once contacted me, Oscar Chavarria gave me a Delta number that nobody answers, he never responded or read any of my emails, both Georgianna Murphy, Oscar Chavarria and Mona Morgan have not contacted their headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia to report my missing and hopefully alive cat, Patch. All three have failed to follow their own airlines’ protocols for customer relations and animal care. They are negligent in the care of my cat, Patch and the are negligent in helping me solve this horrific incident with my cat, Patch. The animal organizations and PETA are trying to get security clearance at the Cairo International Airport in order to search and set humane animal traps for Patch, but Mona Morgan refuses to cooperates and is spinning lies to me and the animal organizations. She said she passed out photos and is offering her own reward, but she is not. We have inside sources at the airport who say nothing is being done and the veterinary unit at Cairo International Airport has never been notified of Patch escaping from his cage until an animal organization contacted them directly. Delta is lying to me in Cairo and they are lying to me in Los Angeles about helping me find my cat. Delta employees are refusing to file the proper paperwork with the headquarters in Atlanta. Georgianna Murphy and Oscar Chavarria told me they are sorry, but they have been busy. Busy doing what? I know that luggage is stranded in Europe due to weather storms. But, my cat escaped from his secure cage because Delta put him on a conveyor belt with other luggage instead of hand carrying him to airplane! I don’t know if luggage was slammed on top of him. I don’t know if Patch is injured. Mona Morgan is telling me one thing (finally, one email 10 minutes ago), but other Cairo airport personnel are telling me a totally different story.

If you have an inside connection to the Cairo International Airport, I would love for you to contact me at find.patch@gmail.com. I am offering a $500 reward for the safe return of Patch.

Please, I have helped coordinate animal organizations on the behalf of Patch without any help from Delta. I had a reward flyer translated into Arabic  on December 19, 2010 at my own expense to help Patch. Delta is refusing to distribute these flyers to their Cairo employees or any other airport employee and is blocking every effort by animal organizations to rescue my dear cat, Patch.

Please help me and Patch. Delta airlines, on two separate continents, are coordinating among themselves to permanently destroy Patch and stop any rescue effort possible. They are negligent in the care of my cat and refuse to help me at all.

What can I do? I am heartbroken and up against a wall. Please help.

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