Unbelievable email from Mona Morgan (Delta Airline in Cairo, Egypt)

Am I to believe that Delta Airlines in Cairo Egypt has distributed my reward flyers to thousands of employees??? I’m not dumb enough to fall for that line! And MY kennel, blanket and towel were sent to the United States…um, just when was Delta Airlines going to inform me?

Dear Ms.Evans,

As per my previous reply below, every effort to find Patch is being done.

Flyers with Patch photo and reward are distributed daily on different shifts

at different areas of the Airport, at arrival/departure halls 1, 2, 3, at parking

areas and surroundings, at restaurants and coffee shops inside terminal and around,

at airport hotels in the surrounding area, at ramp side and catering units on ramp

side, at far areas of ramp which are restricted areas but we were able to get

the approval of Chief Airport Security official and were able to go with

Follow Me vehicle to these far areas many times. We also have a specialized

person known for catching cats at ramp side and we contacted him for his help.

It is forbidden by Airport Authorities to hang flyers on walls at the airport

and that is why we took the approval of Airport Security Authorities to distribute by hand

to thousands of employees and workers working at the airport at different shifts.

I have contacted Roberto who will pass by our office in Zamalek today some of Patch’s stuff

to try the sniffer dog idea which was our idea to help in looking for Patch. I don’t have

Patch’s towel and blanket as it was already sent to US with the kennel.

Please feel free to share with me any suggestions or ideas which you believe

would help in finding Patch.

I didn’t loose hope till today in finding Patch and we are doing every effort possible

to find him.

Best regards,




About findpatch

On December 18, 2010, Delta Airlines caused my cat to escape his carrier in Terminal 1, of the baggage area in Cairo International Airport. I am desperately trying to find Patch and praying that he will be returned to me safely. I am offering a $500 reward for the safe return of Patch.
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One Response to Unbelievable email from Mona Morgan (Delta Airline in Cairo, Egypt)

  1. Nikki says:

    Have you received the kennel yet? I am also wondering why they couldn’t just bring out the carrier and Patch’s stuff to give to you since they are your belongings. I also believe it is too coincidential that Delta has lost that many animals in such a short time. Keep us posted!

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