Facebook: “Delta Airlines Lost My Cat in Egypt on December 18, 2010)

HI Everyone,

If you’d like to follow this story or just show your support by joining the Facebook community page, please find Patch’s search and rescue story on Facebook at: “Delta Airlines Lost My Cat in Egypt on December 18, 2010”.

Thank you!

Michelle Evans



About findpatch

On December 18, 2010, Delta Airlines caused my cat to escape his carrier in Terminal 1, of the baggage area in Cairo International Airport. I am desperately trying to find Patch and praying that he will be returned to me safely. I am offering a $500 reward for the safe return of Patch.
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4 Responses to Facebook: “Delta Airlines Lost My Cat in Egypt on December 18, 2010)

  1. Linda McLean says:

    Dear Michelle ~ I truly feel for you. Our pets are like our own family. It’s about time the airlines do something and put a secure area in their domestic flights for those who travel with pets. I once worked for a shipping company who does air cargo. I’ve seen the real thing and I only ship if absolutely necessary. When I travel I always used Delta. I WILL NEVER FLY ON A DELTA FLIGHT AGAIN!!! I pray your lost cat and the lost dog come home soon.

  2. Jay Skowronski says:

    Shame on Delta !

    I think a Delta boycott is required for their lack of action or concern

    I will no longer fly Delta again!

    Animal lovers unite!

    I hope there us a happy reunion soon

  3. djmm says:

    I am boycotting Delta for this and other animal deaths. I will send them an e-mail and tell friends.

    Just fyi, Continental allows lighter weight pets such as small dogs and cats in soft carriers (such as Sherpa bags) to board and fly under the seat in front of their owner. There is a cost, but it is worth it. I have moved with cats several times, always on Continental.

    I hope you find your beloved Patch. Arabs do not generally value dogs (except greyhounds) but they do revere cats. Mohamed himself cut off the sleeve of his robe so he would not wake up his beloved cat. Perhaps a reminder of that fact is in order for the people you are dealing with in Cairo. (What would Mohamed do?)


  4. Sorry to hear about your beloved cat. A real tragedy! And a disgrace of the airline for treating you this way. It is quite clear they have no compassion or respect for the human and the pet. Hard to believe your cat escaped on its own after you repeatedly checked to make sure the crate was secure. May someone with a great heart reunite Patch with you. Soon. Prayers for Patch in progress. Hang in there. Keep the faith and hope alive.

    Shame on Delta!

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