Hello world!

On December 18, 2010, I checked my cat, Patch, in as checked baggage with Delta Airlines at the Cairo International Airport, Terminal 1, at approximately 9:00pm. I paid for Patch’s ticket ($200USD) and was told they would need to x-ray his cage. This was a very secure and new cage, a medium sized dog carrier. I made sure his cage was secured, petted him goodbye and made my way through passport control and another security area inside Terminal 1 of the Cairo International Airport. Within about 30-40 minutes, I was pulled out of line and told that my cat had broken down the front door of the carrier (metal door) and was running free in the airport. I was hysterically crying and demanded to see the carrier. All Delta employees refused to let me see the carrier and shoved the $200USD in my hand!  I didn’t care about the money. I just wanted to my precious cat to be found. Delta employees said they would look for him…not that they are looking for him, but that they “would” look for him. I demanded to speak to a supervisor and Delta Airlines manager, Mona Morgan (mona.f.morgan@delta.com, 011 20 183 201 016- Cairo mobile number) came to speak with me. At this point, I couldn’t stop crying and all she said she could do was put out tuna for the cat and try to catch him. I was told that I couldn’t change my ticket because there were not open seats on other flights and if I stayed behind, I may not get a seat and would have to buy another ticket. I couldn’t afford this and felt I was forced to leave my lost cat behind. This broke my heart because I lived in Egypt for 3 years and I know how the majority of Egyptians feel about or treat animals. The police shoot dogs on the open street, half-dead horses are left on the sides of roads and kittens are drowned in the Nile River. I have witnessed all of these and thought my best measure was to get to the United States to coordinate a search and rescue effort for Patch. I knew Cairo Delta didn’t care about my cat and nothing would ever be done for Patch until I reached New York (JFK) or Los Angeles (LAX).

I reached New York (JFK) and contacted Delta officials at once. Pamela Bissoondial of Delta (pamela.bissoondial@delta.com) said she would contact Delta Cairo to help coordinate the search for Patch, but only after providing her with Mona Morgan’s mobile number did she contact her. All she had to say to me was that Patch wasn’t found. I know he is lost, Delta! Thanks for the stellar update! What are you doing to find him? The answer is nothing!!! Pamela Bissoondial did nothing of significance to help me and wouldn’t even contact Delta Los Angeles to alert them of my arrival and significant problem. Delta failed me and Patch on every level.

As I sat in JFK, waiting for my next flight in one hour, I started contacting animal shelters in Cairo and begging them for help. I gave them Mona Morgan’s mobile number and tried everything I could to help coordinate Patch’s safe return. At the same time, three of my friends in Cairo had been calling Mona Morgan and all she had to say was that she hadn’t found Patch. Delta Cairo and Delta New York were not concerned with Patch’s life and just shuffled me off to the next person.

I finally reach Los Angeles and made my way to the baggage claim office. While I still doubted Delta would help me find Patch (why would they care…he’s gone), I had to do everything I could to help my precious cat. Oscar Chavarria (oscar.chavarria@delta.com, 310-417-7276) who said he was a supervisor and said he had deep sympathy for my case. He later said he was Delta trained him for sympathy which made me believe this was all fake. You cannot make things up like this! Thanks Delta! So, Oscar Chavarria started to take a report and said he was sending the report to his supervisors. He didn’t want pictures of my cat (which I had with me) and he repeated asked me if Delta Cairo had given me back the $200USD for Patch’s flight. He couldn’t even get my correct email address in the report and I finally asked to look at the report before it was sent to check for accuracy. It was during this time that I learned Delta Cairo had not followed animal passengers protocol. Delta Cairo was supposed to put plastic ties on the front of the cage to prevent accidental opening of the cage, they didn’t take additional food from me for Patch (even though I had it in a ziploc bag, and they didn’t provide me with stickers for the cage which would say “Live Animals” or arrows pointing up. Of course, I love Patch, so I had a marker and wrote all over the cage. Oscar Chavarria knows that Delta Cairo is not following necessary animal transportation and later, rescue protocols. All of this while crocodile tears are streaming down my face. I am heartbroken for Patch and I’m having to battle unprofessional, dazed Delta employees! So, I ask to speak to another supervisor for more detailed answers about Patch and his rescue. Georgianna Murphy (georgianna.murphy@delta.com, 310-590-6415) met with me and said she was “soooo sorry” and that she would help me. I later realized she lied to my face without even a blink and the same goes for Oscar Chavarria. I told both of them that I wanted to offer a $500USD reward for the safe return of Patch to the employees at the Cairo airport and both Delta Los Angeles employees said they would pass on the flyer I would email them the next day.

Both Georgianna Murphy and Oscar Chavarria promised to contact Mona Morgan (Cairo Delta) and coordinate a rescue effort for Patch. As of December 23, 2010 (5 days later), they have done nothing. Absolutely nothing. Not only did Oscar Chavarria give me a bogus Delta number that is never answered(he said this was his mobile number, 310-417-7274…call it. Nobody will ever answer), but he never filed the report to Delta headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. A few days before December 18, 2010, Southern California has had massive rain storms which have lasted until December 23, 2010. I was unable to drive to Los Angeles International Airport to speak, again, with Delta officials due to road and freeway closures. However, after landing in Los Angeles, I created an Arabic and English reward flyer for the search and rescue effort of Patch at the Cairo International Airport. I posted the Delta/Patch tragedy to “Cairo Scholars” listserv which reaches nearly 4,000 Cairo residents and begged for them to distribute the flyers to anyone they knew worked at the airports. Cairo may be a big city, but it is very tight knit and information travels fast between Egyptians and expats. I received numerous leads regarding who to contact in Egypt for help since Delta airlines in Cairo and Los Angeles refused to help me or Patch and actually twarted any attempt to rescue Patch. Mona Morgan of Delta Cairo has lied about her employees searching for the cat, has not distributed his photo or the $500 reward and is not cooperating with the Delta Los Angeles employees at all. It’s as if she is covering up what happened to Patch.

To make matters worse, Delta Los Angeles refuses to file an official report with Delta headquarters in Los Angeles. When I traveled to LAX today, they flat-out admitted that they had not done a thing to help my case and Oscar Chavarria admitted to not reading any of my emails to him. I sent him the reward flyers in Arabic and English. He promised me on December 19, 2010 to forward them to Mona Morgan in Cairo, Egypt. He never read my emails. Georgianna Murphy said she would contact me via telephone or email within 48 hours of December 19, 2010. She never once contacted me, Oscar Chavarria gave me a Delta number that nobody answers, he never responded or read any of my emails, both Georgianna Murphy, Oscar Chavarria and Mona Morgan have not contacted their headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia to report my missing and hopefully alive cat, Patch. All three have failed to follow their own airlines’ protocols for customer relations and animal care. They are negligent in the care of my cat, Patch and the are negligent in helping me solve this horrific incident with my cat, Patch. The animal organizations and PETA are trying to get security clearance at the Cairo International Airport in order to search and set humane animal traps for Patch, but Mona Morgan refuses to cooperates and is spinning lies to me and the animal organizations. She said she passed out photos and is offering her own reward, but she is not. We have inside sources at the airport who say nothing is being done and the veterinary unit at Cairo International Airport has never been notified of Patch escaping from his cage until an animal organization contacted them directly. Delta is lying to me in Cairo and they are lying to me in Los Angeles about helping me find my cat. Delta employees are refusing to file the proper paperwork with the headquarters in Atlanta. Georgianna Murphy and Oscar Chavarria told me they are sorry, but they have been busy. Busy doing what? I know that luggage is stranded in Europe due to weather storms. But, my cat escaped from his secure cage because Delta put him on a conveyor belt with other luggage instead of hand carrying him to airplane! I don’t know if luggage was slammed on top of him. I don’t know if Patch is injured. Mona Morgan is telling me one thing (finally, one email 10 minutes ago), but other Cairo airport personnel are telling me a totally different story.

If you have an inside connection to the Cairo International Airport, I would love for you to contact me at find.patch@gmail.com. I am offering a $500 reward for the safe return of Patch.

Please, I have helped coordinate animal organizations on the behalf of Patch without any help from Delta. I had a reward flyer translated into Arabic  on December 19, 2010 at my own expense to help Patch. Delta is refusing to distribute these flyers to their Cairo employees or any other airport employee and is blocking every effort by animal organizations to rescue my dear cat, Patch.

Please help me and Patch. Delta airlines, on two separate continents, are coordinating among themselves to permanently destroy Patch and stop any rescue effort possible. They are negligent in the care of my cat and refuse to help me at all.

What can I do? I am heartbroken and up against a wall. Please help.


About findpatch

On December 18, 2010, Delta Airlines caused my cat to escape his carrier in Terminal 1, of the baggage area in Cairo International Airport. I am desperately trying to find Patch and praying that he will be returned to me safely. I am offering a $500 reward for the safe return of Patch.
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21 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Mr WordPress says:

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  2. Stella, the boxer's Mom says:

    I am so sorry to hear about Patch. I traveled with a pet from Europe in September and know the stress, they ALMOST forgot her, sitting in the Terminal. My heart truly goes out to you. Sadly I dont know anyone in Cairo but I will for sure share this blog with friends all over the world in order the spread the word about Deltas lack of help.

  3. a.perry says:

    I just wanted to say that I am so heartbroken over this story. If this was my little one, I would feel exactly the same as you do. Please don’t give up hope, as your little one is surely missing you very much. It is a shame that the airline views your little one like they view a piece of luggage…a replaceable item. Pets are our family, they are not replaceable! I hope with all my heart that your little one is found safe and is returned to you. Good luck with your searches. -April

  4. michelle422 says:

    I have just read your story on AOL and, as a cat owner and lover, I am very concerned for you and Patch. I am unable to help but I do send you best wishes and I hope you two will be reunited very soon. Michelle.

  5. annon says:

    Delta is not responsible for your lost cat. Animals should not fly on planes, and if you didnt sign anything, disclaimers or such, than neither you or them are responsible for your “cat”. Most likely it died, and they covered it up. My husband works for Delta and everyone involved with Delta knows not to fly animals for the sad way that ALL airlines treat animals. They dont even tell you that it isnt pressurized in the animal holding area and it drops down to 30 degrees. Fun stuff huh? No airline heats their animal CARGO area. And whey you fly your pet, you fly it CARGO. Give it up. So sorry for your loss, but thats what it is. YOUR loss.

    • L says:

      You are a dick head annon.

    • KC says:

      Attitude like yours Annon (with not enough courage to show your name eh) is why No one flies Delta anymore. Everyone in the Travel Business know Delta stinks. Here’s hoping that Delta folds in the new year. and your husband loses his job.

      Good luck getting Patches back. He’s in my prayers.

    • Jim says:

      Wow Annon you cold hearted bitch. The airline IS responsible for the loss of the pet you idiot. The woman paid $200 for transportation and expected her pet to arrive at her destination safely. I’m sure if you lost a precious piece of luggage you’d be ranting and raving like the spoiled bitch you are. You make me sick to my stomach and i hope there are a lot less people in the world with your view. Your parents should have been sterilized you insignificant piece of #$^%.

    • Name Withheld says:

      Delta is ABSOLUTELY responsible — they took responsibility when they took this young lady’s $200. Most people understand Delta is a vicious, negligent organization at war with its customer base. There aren’t many better examples of how low Delta has sunk, however, than this story. Knowing what I know of Delta, it is absolutely believable that the airline is conspiring to conceal the truth about the fate of this cat. “Annon,” your callous and horrid comments are exactly what I’d expect from a member of the “Delta family,” and my wish for you is that you are one day treated by Delta as this cat was — locked up in a plastic box, and forgotten in a damp corner of a freezing warehouse.

    • REG says:

      Annon, your lack of compassion is sickening. Sure there are lessons to be learned in this situation but someone is grieving for a beloved pet and deserves support. If you want to vent about the treatment of animals on planes (which is valid) do it somewhere else. Your comments are not helpful and are mean spirited.

    • You complete tosser. says:

      Hey douchebag, if animals don’t belong on airplanes, then airlines shouldn’t offer to transport them for extra money. It’s not like she was sneaking her cat in a handbag, she was following the rules set forth by THE AIRLINE. Jerkoff.

      She PAID for a service, for the airline to safely transport her animal. They didn’t follow THEIR OWN protocols, for which she PAID. They wouldn’t give her the carrier, which is HER property. They are hiding something.

      My guess is the carrier got damaged through mishandling and Patch either escaped or met a more unfortunate fate. That’s why they won’t give it back, because it is proof of their negligence.

  6. rac says:

    While this will not help find your cat, a public service would be to bring suit against Delta for negligent infliction of emotional distress. The point is not the money you might collect (tho’ winning these cases is very hard). The point is to make them sit up and take notice. Lawsuits can do that.

    I am a lifelong cat owner, and one of mine ran away in the minutes before I was locking up an empty apartment to move halfway across the country. Like you, I was unable to change flights, and was frantic trying to find her and catch her before I had to leave for the airport. I was distraught at the thought of her wandering around lost and wondering what had happened to her protector. I was lucky – she was found and caught moments before I left, and she survived the flights to land safely in the midwest. But I do know how terrible it feels. I’m so sorry to hear this happened to you and to Patch.

  7. sdd says:

    Gee, Annon. If you ever have the loss of something precious to you – and I certainly hope you don’t – I hope you are treated with more compassion than what you’ve just shown to this poor heartbroken lady. She didn’t have the advantage of a husband with the inside scoop. She believed what she was told and thought she was doing the right thing. Shame on you for the slap in the face.

  8. Tracy says:

    I am so very, very sorry about what happened to your cat. I’m going to be emailing Delta and letting them know that I will never, ever use them again because of what they did to you. Pets aren’t just animals; they’re a member of your family. I’m not trying to be insensitive, but I doubt very much that your cat is still alive. I think it’s time to contact an attorney, as well as an expansive number of media outlets to get the word out about what happened. It’s disgusting and scary. Again, I’m so sorry.

  9. Greg says:

    Many, many pet owners out there are sharing your grief and your pain. Words are inadequate. I can only hope that Patches is OK and that you and he will be reunited. Working with the animal welfare groups is good. They have the reach and organization that you or I as individuals lack. And maybe, just maybe, they can insure that this never happens again.

  10. Alexa says:

    I am so sorry and hope that Patch will be found safely and returned to you. I don’t know anyone in Egypt, but I have shared your blog link with my friends and sent emails to Delta imploring them to conduct an aggressive search for Patch and to reform their animal their animal transport tactics. I don’t know how helpful this will be, but I’ll certainly be wishing for the best outcome for you. I DO feel that you should file a lawsuit against Delta, if for no other reason than to raise public awareness and bring their irresponsible attitude towards pet under legal scrutiny so other animals and owners don’t suffer this way. I think you do have a strong case and that Annon is completely wrong about who is legally responsible here…not to mention a very unsympathetic person. Best of luck to you and Patch!

  11. Elizabeth says:

    Michelle, this situation is so sad. I hope you get plenty of support, and wish you personal strength to sustain your amazing efforts against formidable obstacles to find your pet. I also think that you need to seek legal assistance to hold Delta responsible and accountable. What a cold and bureaucratic organization!
    I will share your heartbreaking story with everyone I know. Take care of yourself and the best of luck to find Patch.

  12. Eleanor says:

    I was so sorry to read your story. The whole situation is tragic. Is there any way that the local police would get involved? Even if it just to get the carry case returned to you so that you can see any damage/tampering/evidence for yourself. It is YOUR property after all and it might give you some clues as to what really happened.

    Don’t stop fighting Delta. This kind of thing should never be allowed to happen and they should certainly not be allowed to escape with a few poor excuses!
    (By the way, I tried to find your page on Facebook but I got no results).

    I so hope that you have have a happy end to your story.

  13. Nyx says:

    😦 I’m so sorry to hear about your cat. He looks like a handsome little man. Sadly, I suspect he’s probably dead from Delta’s negligence and they just want to cover it up and get rid of you. Was the carrier crushed? Maybe that’s why they didn’t want you to see it. Who knows. But I smell something fishy from them. And that’s another thing, the pet carrier is your property and they can’t refuse to give it back to you. That’s theft. I know nothing will bring back Patch (and I really really hope I’m wrong) but you should sue them for theft, fraud, emotional distress and whatever else you can considering this event. Perhaps if you do, you’ll finally get answers and the truth. I’m so sorry about your kitty (sitting here, it makes me want to cry and hug my own furballs)

  14. MOODY says:

    I have a friend working in cairo airport.. he is something like traffic security, so he is not in the check in area or somewhere he could be there personally.. but I will sure ask him if he heard about a cat lost from delta in december.
    I am veryyyyyy sad about what happened, I hope somebody rescued him!!!
    I will let you know if we know anything about it!!

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