Thank you always for your continued support to find Patch. I have recently moved back to Cairo and have personally visited the airport, but no luck so far. It’s painful to know that I am in the same city as Patch, but may not be able to rescue him…things have changed in Egypt post-revolution. But, I have not given up. So far, nobody has ever spotted him at the airport…but I feel he is still there.

I do have pictures on the “Find Patch” Facebook page: Click Here for Facebook

I will keep you update, but please join the facebook page to show your support for my Patch. Thank you so much!!


Michelle Evans

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Unbelievable email from Mona Morgan (Delta Airline in Cairo, Egypt)

Am I to believe that Delta Airlines in Cairo Egypt has distributed my reward flyers to thousands of employees??? I’m not dumb enough to fall for that line! And MY kennel, blanket and towel were sent to the United States…um, just when was Delta Airlines going to inform me?

Dear Ms.Evans,

As per my previous reply below, every effort to find Patch is being done.

Flyers with Patch photo and reward are distributed daily on different shifts

at different areas of the Airport, at arrival/departure halls 1, 2, 3, at parking

areas and surroundings, at restaurants and coffee shops inside terminal and around,

at airport hotels in the surrounding area, at ramp side and catering units on ramp

side, at far areas of ramp which are restricted areas but we were able to get

the approval of Chief Airport Security official and were able to go with

Follow Me vehicle to these far areas many times. We also have a specialized

person known for catching cats at ramp side and we contacted him for his help.

It is forbidden by Airport Authorities to hang flyers on walls at the airport

and that is why we took the approval of Airport Security Authorities to distribute by hand

to thousands of employees and workers working at the airport at different shifts.

I have contacted Roberto who will pass by our office in Zamalek today some of Patch’s stuff

to try the sniffer dog idea which was our idea to help in looking for Patch. I don’t have

Patch’s towel and blanket as it was already sent to US with the kennel.

Please feel free to share with me any suggestions or ideas which you believe

would help in finding Patch.

I didn’t loose hope till today in finding Patch and we are doing every effort possible

to find him.

Best regards,



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January 16, 2011

Thank you, everyone, so much for writing, calling or emailing Delta Airlines! My third letter was sent to Mr. Anderson, but no reply yet. Am I really expecting one? A journalist from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution contacted me regarding Patch…crossing my fingers that this will be a large article in Georgia!

I can’t believe it has almost been a month since Patch went missing. Wow. 😦

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Delta’s CEO Contact Information

Anderson, CEO of Delta Airlines’ email address:

Phone number: (404) 715-2600

…Mr. Richard H. Anderson
CEO Delta Airlines
Delta Airlines Inc.
1030 Delta Boulevard
Dept. #940
Atlanta, GA 30320-6001

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Expressed Mailed Letter to CEO of Delta Airlines Today

Dear All,

Today, for the second time, I express mailed a letter to the CEO of Delta Airlines to plead and demand that he create a task force at the Cairo International Airport with the sole task of distributing reward flyers and to search for Patch ….who is still at the airport.  He has the power to do this….would be great if he did anything other than ignore me…..which Delta Airlines has done from the beginning. Crossing my fingers…

I’m sorry that I have not personally responded to all of the fantastically supported comments and advice. I am reading all them and will respond to them personally this weekend.

Thank you so much for your support….. I just know that Patch can be brought home…anything is possible! 🙂

With much love and warmth,

Michelle Evans

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CBS News, Channel 2, 11pm….Watch for the Patch saga on the news tonight!

CBS news, Channel 2 (Southern California) is going to air a story about Patch’s nightmare  at 11pm tonight! Please watch. 🙂

Facebook: “Delta Airlines Lost My Cat in Egypt on December 18, 2010”  Join the community to support Patch’s return.


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Facebook: “Delta Airlines Lost My Cat in Egypt on December 18, 2010)

HI Everyone,

If you’d like to follow this story or just show your support by joining the Facebook community page, please find Patch’s search and rescue story on Facebook at: “Delta Airlines Lost My Cat in Egypt on December 18, 2010”.

Thank you!

Michelle Evans


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